I have worked over the last 35 plus years with many Photographers, some of which I will praise and promote even support and many of them are friends of mine or business associates. There are some great professional names out there that are an honour and a pleasure to work with. Well respected my Ministers.

HOWEVER there is one thing that some Photographers are doing, not all of them, but there is a few that is very well known for this by many Ministers. (Remember they also talk to each other)

The Cardinal Sin

They never take note of the TIME !!!!!!

The Bride is as usual late (and the Minister will have to cut her Ceremony shorter anyhow) that in its own has never been part of the Wedding Ceremony ever!!!! It is a disrespectful tradition that Brides just can’t lose.

On top of that, now there is a full on photo session in her dressing room that cuts even further into the Wedding Ceremony time by the Photographer, that don’t pitch up earlier and are not professional enough to know exactly what he/she wants, other that clicking away hoping he/she will have a few great shots, losing all control of the TIME!!!!

Then he/she follows her to the Brides car, more clicking’s more poses more time down the drain!!! But photographer doesn’t mind as he/she has no consideration for anyone else. Forgetting that he/she is just but one single part of a whole lot of service providers that takes part in the Wedding day.

When the Brides car arrive at the venue, It starts all over again, more clicking’s, more poses, more “let’s do it again” shots or “ let’s try this” more time down the drain. And guess what? The Minister will have to ONCE AGAIN cut her Ceremony even shorter. Remember he will still leave at the end of his allocated time slot, to be in time for the next “on time” Bride.

Photographers please be aware that you actually doing a great injustice towards the Bride by ensuring she comes late to the Wedding Ceremony. So does the Minister, he also made a mental note of this. His recommendations carry a lot of weight with the couples. (And remember the Ministers also talk to each other)

Next time you get a new wedding appointment, please plan and ensure you make your OWN TIME and not that of the other service providers.

There are the exceptions, and there will occasionally be exceptions. I suppose it’s different for events planners. After all, the event will happen. What most of the Suppliers in particular Photographers must take note; I am talking rather about known offenders. Those very well known people that have build up a rather unpleasant reputation combined with an arrogant don’t care attitude.  Ministers I spoke to said that it’s no useless talking to them. I am not talking to the converted or those suppliers that does proper planning and reinforce it with each supplier. I came across a few Major’s in my time that deals with their events in a Military precision. And it turns out 100% perfectly every time. To those I want to give a rose, as they deserve it. It’s not easy for an events planner to ensure all times are adhering to. But there are a few that gets it perfect every time.

But we are not talking here about events planners. The problem is that certain well-known photographers are the guilty parties. All of us can defend ourselves, that’s fine but when the Wedding industry has a few unpleasant roll players we must certainly not sweep it under the carpet by quoting exceptions, they are by rule defaulters.  My feeling and sentiment is that, we all, in the Wedding industry must be aware of those who give the rest of us a bad name. We should not tolerate their behavior and certainly not accept it.

If there was a Black List available I would certainly put a few names there, and that include Ministers as well!

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