The commercialisation of the internet in the mid 1990’s has certainly revolutionised the way companies do business and some of the biggest companies around today have grown by taking advantage of the efficient nature of low cost advertising and commerce that the internet provides.


The internet has also subsequently revolutionized shopping and airlines have certainly been at the forefront of this development, with many promoting the fact that buying online is cheaper than buying via other channels. Fifteen or so years on, most companies have come to realise that they still require multiple sales channels to successfully penetrate their markets and so it is with airlines.

It is a myth that the internet is always cheaper, this is not so with airline tickets as it is not so with car rental, or hotel rooms. As a corporate client, one has to take a holistic approach to travel and finding a good travel agent or Travel Management Company can shave thousands of Rand’s from an annual travel budget, particularly if they are aligned or supported by a reputable company with purpose built travel technology and strong buying power.

A business traveller or personal assistant can spend hours trawling the internet to find what they perceive to be the best rates, when not all available fares are displayed on the internet and the fares that are, are only point to point fares. That’s time and productivity impacting the real cost of the ticket and the company’s bottom line.

Companies lured by travel websites promising “lowest rates” could also end up paying a higher price in the long term because hotels, car-hire and airlines, require pre-payment in full and provide little or no flexibility on tickets. This may be tenable for companies whose plans never change, but for most this is not a realistic approach and some degree of flexibility is needed in their travel itineraries.

Travel agents are still responsible for approximately 60% of all air ticket sales on major international airlines. They are seen as a very important distribution channel and therefore remain at the forefront of airlines distribution network. Specials, last minute sales, promotional fares, free upgrades, 2 for 1 fares etc, are all channelled to travel agents via Global Distribution Systems (GDS’s) such as Galileo, which allows qualified travel agents to quickly and easily search and compare different travel options and fares for specific dates on a variety of airlines on one screen, in a matter of minutes.  Interestingly, these same GDS’s also provide 90% of the source content for the fares found on airline websites.

Booking with a travel agent not only means that they manage your booking every step of the way because they control the PNR (passenger name record), it also means that they will be the first to be advised of any changes to your flights, itinerary, or programme and therefore in a position to act often before you even know you have a problem. Often it is only in cases of emergency that the true value of good travel agent comes through. They will also handle all complaints and refunds on your behalf.


Travel agents also have access to special in-house tools, for example Travel Counsellors brilliant  dynamic packaging system – Phenix, featuring specially negotiated hotel rates at over 70,000 hotels worldwide. Travel Counsellors is also the only travel company in South Africa which guarantees its clients monies in case of supplier insolvency, through a specially created Travel Trust. Recently Travel Counsellors were able to refund client monies in respect of bookings made with Nationwide Airlines, Air Tanzania and Top Holidays.

In short, by paying a small fee clients can embrace the convenience, courtesy, high level of personal service, value and most of all, caring attitude, that comes from doing business on a one to one basis with a professionally trained travel agent.

  • Travel Counsellors in South Africa have a combined average of 18 years experience in the industry, they are experts in providing professional travel services and their businesses have been built successfully through referrals from satisfied customers.
  • They will consistently save you time and money and ensure that you always get the absolute best value for your travel spend.
  • All clients monies are protected against supplier insolvency through the creation of a special free Travel Trust, so that you can spend your money with us in complete confidence
  • Travel Counsellors provide a concierge travel service to their clients and are always available at a time that suits them, so you can speak to them from the comfort of your home or workplace on a 24/7 basis.
  • Travel Counsellors are accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Travel Counsellors is also a BBEE rated company.
  • Travel Counsellors are your single point of reference for all your travel needs, whether it be business or leisure travel, conferencing, incentives and meetings, groups, honeymoons, special occasions, flights, car rental, foreign exchange, insurance, passport & visa assistance, transfers, rail travel, etc.
  • Travel Counsellors is an award winning company with purpose built travel technology ensuring access to the best deals around the world.
  • Travel Counsellors is proud to be rated one of the top companies in the world when it comes to customer service. Our clients are our friends. It is how we treat you from your first phone call to your hundredth business trip. We introduced the world renowned Net Promoter Score system in 2007 to measure customer loyalty and have consistently achieved a score of over 90%. This world class record speaks volumes about our commitment to you now and in the future.

Travel Counsellors are passionate about travel and have their fingers on the pulse of the industry. They have intimate and extensive product knowledge and they are committed to   delivering the ultimate customer service.  That means getting it right first time every time, giving you complete piece of mind.

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