We discovered the following gorgeous selection of wedding dresses – from the high end designers to the undeniably quirky. Finding your Wedding Dress is probably the most exciting and important aspect of planning your wedding day – every bride deserves to look at their very best, so we urge you to use our Members to find reliable, fantastically talented dress designers on our website. Be careful of cheap imports although we have some great Suppliers who do import garments from overseas. There is something for everybody (and budget) on our website – have fun!

Top Tips for choosing your Wedding Dress

Bear in mind the time of your wedding ceremony when deciding on the style of your dream wedding dress. Is your ceremony during the day or at nighttime? Set a budget for your wedding gown after your research and stick to it.

Plan your wedding dress early – remembering it can take up to four months for a wedding dress designer to make a gown. Some Brides-to-be plan to lose weight but never end up in a race against the scales or worrying if your wedding dress will be made on time. Always use reputable Suppliers.

  • It’s important to make very sure your wedding dress fits your size now, (not the size you might plan to be) – you have to be comfortable. If you do lose weight for your wedding, great, the dress can always be taken in a little, it’s much easier than letting a dress out.
  • If you’re getting married at the beach, a more simple design is better.
  • When going for a fitting go early in the day when the staff is fresh and enthusiastic.
  • Look out for sales – wedding dresses are a very competitive business.
  • If you are lucky enough to find a wedding dress that you like off the shelf, this represents a big saving.
  • Buy your wedding shoes first so you know they go with the wedding gown
  • Look at Bridal magazines and website to find examples of wedding dresses that you like and show your wedding dress designer what you like so they get a good idea of who you are, what you are looking for.
  • Contact 3 or 4 wedding shops and wedding couture designers to give yourself plenty of choice – it’s so much easier if they are located close to where you live or work. Make a note of their pros and cons
  • Take all your wedding accessories with you – underwear, special necklaces etc. when going for a fitting, so you know exactly how you will look on your wedding day
  • Take your trusted bridesmaid with you so get an honest opinion and feedback!
  • Good bridal consultants always advise brides to keep an open mind –what looks ordinary on a hanger may look just right on you – and vice versa. Take the advice of these bridal experts, they have tons of experience – but be sure you have fallen in love with your final selection!
  • As always, make sure you get the quote for your dress in writing including all relevant Terms and Conditions.
  • Enjoy each wedding dress fitting – imagine this is, as you will look on your wedding day! Usually 3-4 fittings will be required. Give honest feedback, but please don’t be a Bridezilla!

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Princess Charlene Wedding Dress

Princess Charlene of Monaco's Wedding Dress.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress.

Royal Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton's Dress: The long & the short of it.

Classic Wedding Dresses

Mermaid wedding gown.


Understated wedding dress.


Modern Wedding Dress


Sleeve Wedding Dress.

Quirkier Wedding Dress Options

Funky if still graceful wedding gowns.


Earthy Wedding Gowns.


Elegant if Elaborate Wedding Dresses.