South Africa boasts such an abundance of culture and culinary influences contributing to a variety of creative and delicious wedding menu options. A typical wedding menu would include Canapés, Starters, Main Course and dessert, but there are so many exciting and creative elements to make your wedding menu unique.  The general rule for your wedding is to try and keep the wedding menu simple yet delicious. There are so many ways to be creative with food, flavours and colour for your wedding menu.

Consider your wedding guest’s when selecting your menu. Think about what will appeal to them, what should be served when and how it should be presented to fit your wedding décor / theme. Your caterer or wedding reception venue will be able to suggest the best menus available and make the best suggestions of portions, timing and presentation of your wedding menu. There are some brilliant wedding food ideas to consider, like a mini buffet on each table so that guests have the freedom of choice and portion size.  Perhaps your guests can settle their sweet tooth with rich strawberry and cream scones.  Margaritas or vodka cocktails served after your wedding ceremony work very well with some pre-dinner snacks to soothe any hungry guests.

Many brides are choosing to do without dessert and substituting this with their wedding cake to save a bit of money.  Choosing to move away from the fruit cake and selecting some creative and colourful icing options over delicious cakes like rich dark chocolate cake, or red velvet, or a variety of flavour layers.